Working with Universities

Transform Society works with universities across the UK to deliver a range of programmes and activities that help students to understand the range and impact of careers in public service and increase their chances of successfully applying for entry to leading social change programmes and employers.

University partners benefit from access to our founder, James Darley and his 25 years’ experience in graduate recruitment to support their institutions at the highest level, including senate, council, boards, advisory boards, steering groups and employer panels.

Alongside our flagship Transform Society Challenge, partners can access a wide range of resources through our member portal. These include films, presentations and coaching sessions covering topics such as:

  • The state of the graduate market
  • What is public service
  • What is the public sector
  • Transferable skills for public service and beyond
  • Selection hints and tips

We can also provide mock assessment centres and one-to-one coaching for your students. Please contact us to find out more.

Why partner with us?

In the future, we hope that all universities and employers will recognise and value the importance and prestige of public service roles and that all suitably qualified students will actively consider applying to programmes and opportunities in this sector. But we have a long way to go before then.

So today, partnering with Transform Society means stepping out of the crowd and helping to pioneer a new movement for social change and justice. It means contributing to and benefiting from the development of public service leadership – actively taking a lead in forging a better version of society.

We work with our university partners to provide opportunities and engagement with social change initiatives and programmes. From community challenge days and sector inspiring events to broadening participation initiatives and one-to-one support for graduates, Transform Society is redefining how universities collaborate with employers to provide the best-possible career opportunities and awareness for the next generation of students.

By partnering with Transform Society, our universities are delivering better outcomes for their graduates – including participation in prestigious graduate programmes that lead on to influential roles in public service management, policy shaping and leadership roles in business.

Our partners

Delivering genuine systemic change across society – literally changing the lives and futures of thousands of people – is no small undertaking. And it won’t happen overnight. So, Transform Society only partners with pioneering institutions that share our vision and are committed for the long term.

Current partners

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To find out more contact

James Darley